The Caveman BBQ (Singapore)


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Dear customers, in lieu of the recent concerns with food safety, we will be replacing all our Lettuce and Cherry Tomatoes with Marshmellows instead. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

Meats from the cave to satisfy your every desire! [RAW]

The Caveman BBQ (Singapore) is the brainchild
of 3 foodie masters who seek to provide a difference to your next BBQ event.
The meats served are well marinated to provide a Juicy,
Savoury, Zesty and Exquisite taste.

Not to be missed from your BBQ table
would be our 3 top drawers – Cavemen Honey Pork Ribs, Caveman Char Siew and Hawaiian
Chicken Steak which will keep you gunning for more.

At “The Caveman BBQ”, we take pride in providing only the best, and continuous efforts are made to ensure R&D is prioritize to deliver
an enjoyable, enticing and extraordinary meat.

Stay tune and enjoy the caveman
meat. Bonjour!

Attention: All meats are delivered raw. Result defer from caveman to caveman. 

Cooked Food

Treat your hungry guests with some small bites of the staple food while they wait to taste the great meats grilling!


Items which you would like to add on to the raw listing of food you have ordered.